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Cedarhill Golf & Country Club

Happy 2016!
I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are getting used to the "real" winter now.  We finished the 2015 season very well with lots of great Christmas parties held in our clubhouse.   The 2016 golf season is off to a great start with some minor renovations happening in the clubhouse.  The clubhouse is not open for breakfast on the weekends until Jan. 29th due to the renovations.

I am very happy to announce our new Club Captain David Green.  David has been a member for many years and has sat on various committees.  He has assembled a great team of members to help with all different aspects of the club this year.  The following is a brief rundown of the members and their roles:

Greg Nezan - OVGA events 
George Acton - All internal Club competitions 
Penny Wells/Ron Nezan - Social events and event participation 
Lee Whelly - Liaison to the Captain
Tom Pulcine - Handicap Committee
Scott Brewster -  Handicap Committee

Martin Wells/Scott Gerrard - Will help wherever needed
I would like to take this time to remind everyone that these members are volunteers.  If there are any complaints or issues, I would ask that they be brought to my or the appropriate manager's attention.  As a Club, we greatly appreciate our volunteers and I would like to personally thank  all of them for their time and dedication.


Greg Robertson




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